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Çiğ Köfte

Çiğ Köfte 

Let me introduce you to one of Turkey's favourite fastfood dishes: Çiğ Köfte (Chi kofte). Raw ground meet mixed with fine bulgur, spices and vegetables, wrapped in fresh lettuce and more fresh vegetables! It took me quite some time (a few years at least) before I would actually try this dish. I am absolutely not a fan of raw meat and always refused to eat cig kofte whenever a friend or family member made it. But just a few months ago I decided to take a bite, and guess what, I loved it! Because the raw beef is kneeded and mixed with the bulgur and the vegetables so intensively, the raw meat is not even noticable. I must say that it was even better than most cooked kofte dishes I had before. So If you like kofte and you are into spicy food (as in, hot and full of spices!), I can assure you that you will like this dish.

The ingredients:

250 grams Ground Fat Free Beef or Lamb
2 medium Onions (chopped)
1 Tomato (skin peeled, chopped)
1 tablespoon Regular Tomato Paste
2 teaspoons Salca
3 Garlicbulbs (chopped finely)
2 cups Fine Ground Bulgur
1/2 cup Chopped Parsley
1/4 cup vegetable or olive oil

1 tablespoon Isot (Urfa Biber)
1 teaspoon Cumin
1 teaspoon Ground Black Pepper
1 teaspoon Red (hot) Chilli Flakes (optional)
1 teaspoon Ground (sweet) Red Paprika

*If you want to make it less hot, leave out the red hot chilli pepper flakes but leave in the isot. The chili peppers is where most of the heat comes from. The Urfa biber/Isot (key ingredient in making Çiğ Köfte) has a very mellow/mild flavour despite it's colour.

*Optional: Male with strong arms. Because this dish is kneeded so intensively, it's often the men who make cig kofte in Turkey. But women, don't let this hold you back from making this dish, I have made cig kofte myself quite often and it turned out as good as when men made it! ;))

So..start off with chopping the onions, garlic and tomato. After that's done, start kneeding the vegetables with the meat for a minute or two.

Then, slowly add the bulgur and oil. You will notice in my pictures that my tomato is added after step one, together with the bulgur. That's because I am a clumsy cook and I often forget to add ingredients at the right time. Though, adding the tomato in a later stadia is not that big of a disaster, just make sure you do start off with the onions, they do need to be kneeded for a longer time!

After adding the bulgur you need to kneed the kofte for at least 10 minutes. When that's done, add the chopped parsley and kneed another minute or so.

Your kofte is now ready for consumption. Çiğ Köfte is traditionally shaped in small long balls and eaten wrapped in fresh lettuce, often some lemon juice or nar eksisi (sour pomegranate molasses) is added. But of course, you can eat them as you wish. On crackers, bread or rolled up in a wrap? Do as you like and afiyet olsun!

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  1. selamlar,anlatımlar,tanıtım amaçlı güzel olmuş.Emeğinize sağlık... Türkiyeden ekleyin :)

    Müsade ederseniz bazı sorular sormak istiyorum? ;)

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  3. Opened up some new taste buds will give this a try . Superb Report.